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It's Not Rocket Science Block 2

Life after SpaceX

What is it really like to work at SpaceX? What happens after that? This podcast explores the life arcs of some smart, creative, driven people who helped Elon Musk revolutionize the space industry, then moved on. What are they doing with their time and money now? What world are they creating on Earth while SpaceX heads to Mars?


"Man, that guy's got A.D.D., but he sure knows how to use it."

"Quick side note: I was able to lick the Falcon 1 rocket on my way out."

"Ever since, I've just been looking for those moments--walking around, talking fast with extremely bright people. "

XCOR Aerospace

Distributed Beamforming

Joel's Professional Profile

Mars Society

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"These past few years taught me that here in front of me is a contribution I could make right now to help people out."

"What success is is a lot of failures, the lessons from which pile up to a success."

"The happiest part of my day was at the coffee bar getting my coffee, and I thought 'wouldn't it be great to be the source of that happiness for people.'"

Open Source Ventilator Project

Industrialized CRISPR

Edwin's Professional Profile


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