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   WHO AM I   ?

My name is Jeff Ward. I trained as a software engineer, and I have been in the "alternative space industry" since I started my professional career in 1985. Even before that I used to communicate using homemade equipment through amateur satellites. I have a PhD in "Store and Forward Communications using Low Earth Orbiting Satellites."


I have built and helped to build a lot of small satellites, small rockets, big rockets, and space capsules. And a number of successful companies. At mid-career, I decided that people were even more intriguing than software, so I started to develop some leadership skills. I knew which side of the "manage or be managed" equation I wanted to be on.

My leadership axioms are that

  1. You can tell what people want to do by watching what they do

  2. There are multiple right ways to do something, especially once you have delegated it to someone

I'm not violating OPSEC if I say that my wife is a Rabbi, we live in Denver, and we have a COVID puppy. I am writing a science fiction novel and creating this podcast.


Keep me honest.

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