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Welcome to It's Not Rocket Science

This web site is the home of the It's Not Rocket Science podcast, by me Jeff Ward. There are others out there with the same name, but this is the one which explores the creativity, entrepreneurship and general awesomeness that ex-SpaceXers create with their lives.


The podcast is in its infancy, so I would welcome any engagement, via this blog or on Twitter @notrocketspod

You can subscribe using iTunes, Spotify and other podcast services, or you can click the link below to SoundCloud. If something isn't working, please let me know. This podcasting is difficult, but it's not rocket science.

It took a while to produce Episode 2, but it was worth the wait.


Updated: Dec 18, 2020

"When a window falls out of your boat, you've gotta put it back in yourself."

"Oh, that sounds like a cool problem to solve."

Erin and Casey's "Endless Playtime" website.

Falcon Heavy Launch from SpaceX on YouTube. Check out the Tesla in Space at 25m50s and the booster landing sequence around 29m0s.

Wikipedia article on quindar tones.

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"It's been called a mix between Animal House and Apollo 13."

Podcast episode on SoundCloud

Pete's new company, Prime Lightworks

Pete's other passion, So Cal Curling Center

Stage separation of F1 flight 3 @2:52 in this video

Stage landing blooper reel

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