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It's Not Rocket Science Block 2

Life after SpaceX

What is it really like to work at SpaceX? What happens after that? This podcast explores the life arcs of some smart, creative, driven people who helped Elon Musk revolutionize the space industry, then moved on. What are they doing with their time and money now? What world are they creating on Earth while SpaceX heads to Mars?



I promised myself I would relaunch the podcast when SpaceX launched the first manned Dragon. Then I promised myself it would be when Starship launched. Here we are.


"The humans you put on this side of the equal sign directly impact the ideas that can come out of the other side of the equal sign."

"It's about teaching women to elevate our standards."

"I'm just gonna call it how I see it, and if he fires me, he fires me."

Dolly's professional profile.

Her current project.

The feminist stiletto.

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Updated: Apr 16

"When a window falls out of your boat, you've gotta put it back in yourself."

"Oh, that sounds like a cool problem to solve."

Erin and Casey's "Endless Playtime" website.

Falcon Heavy Launch from SpaceX on YouTube. Check out the Tesla in Space at 25m50s and the booster landing sequence around 29m0s.

Wikipedia article on quindar tones.

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Updated: Apr 16

"It's been called a mix between Animal House and Apollo 13."

Pete's new company, Prime Lightworks

Pete's other passion, So Cal Curling Center

Stage separation of F1 flight 3 @2:52 in this video

Stage landing blooper reel

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